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Whether made of silver, gold or platinum, chosen together by the bride and groom or presented as a ceremonial gift upon proposal – the wedding ring is a piece of jewelry with rare symbolic power. Most of them are valuable pieces, even if you don’t necessarily notice this from their simple appearance.

The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the finger throughout the entire marriage, during every activity and every day, to show the connection with the partner, but also to signal to the environment: I have already found my loved one, you need it not even try to woo me.

Marriage comes with great responsibility and many consequences and is therefore a significant step in a couple’s life. The ring’s shape reminds us of infinity; it has no beginning and no end. Therefore, many people see it as a symbol of the ideal of partnership, of eternal bondage, “until death do you part”. Some people continue to wear their wedding ring even after the death of their beloved partner.

What does the wedding ring mean as a dream symbol? Do we secretly long for a wedding? The following text deals with the most common dreams about the symbol as well as the general, psychological and spiritual interpretation. Let yourself be surprised.

Dream symbol “wedding ring” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Lost! The nightmare of the missing wedding ring

If you lose your wedding ring in the dream world, this indicates that in real life a promise will be broken or a deep connection will be broken. The dreamer should perhaps prepare for sorrowful times in reality. If your partner loses the ring in a dream, this indicates that the sleeping person may be cheated on while awake. If the wedding ring is stolen while sleeping, it symbolizes uncertainty about the real love relationship and the fear of losing the person you love.

Dream symbol “wedding ring” – the general interpretation

On the one hand, the wedding ring in the dream refers to real or desired interpersonal relationships Relationships. This can be a desire to get married, but it can also be about a friendship or a family relationship. The dreamer wants to form a deeper bond with a specific person; the dream can indicate who he can rely on now or in the future.

On the other hand, a wedding ring with its special symbolism represents infinity and also the desire for a vow, that is, a special one Promise. The dreamer longs for a firm agreement, perhaps he also wants to show the outside world a decision he has recently made. Behind the wedding ring can be the need for security and trust.

What happens to the ring is also important for the interpretation of the dream:

  • Gold ring or particularly beautiful, valuable wedding ring: imminent wedding
  • Broken wedding ring: possible infidelity or arguments in the partnership or after marriage
  • Losing a ring: a temporary separation from your partner is imminent or the partner may be unfaithful to the dreaming person
  • Selling or throwing away your wedding ring: desire to separate
  • Finding a wedding ring or receiving it as a gift: happiness in love
  • Putting a ring on your finger when proposing or getting married: Warning not to give in to an affair
  • Pulling the wedding ring off your finger: infidelity will have major consequences
  • Don’t let yourself be pulled by your finger: the dreamer is attached to an ex-relationship and cannot let go
  • Giving someone a wedding ring: the dreamer longs in vain for a relationship.

Dream symbol “wedding ring” – the psychological interpretation

If a wedding ring appears in a dream, this dream symbol suggests that the dreamer is concerned with his relationship to love relationships, but also friendships.

If the ring breaks, is lost or thrown away, this says a lot about the dreamer’s current attitude towards a strong bond. He often secretly longs for a close, reliable partnership, but at the same time is afraid of fully committing to someone because he perceives this as a loss of his personal freedom.

The dream of no longer being able to remove a wedding ring from your finger also indicates Fear of commitment and the fear of responsibility.

Dream symbol “wedding ring” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, the wedding ring is a dream symbol of devotion bindingwhich endures, and for those eternity as such.

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